Tips to prep your yard for fall

4 Tips to Prep Your Yard for Fall | Alberta Small Engine Services

Put your lawnmower & other gardening tools to work by prepping your yard for fall. For more information, contact Alberta Small Engine Services in Edmonton.

4 Tips to Prep Your Yard for Fall with Lawnmowers & Other Gardening Equipment

The fall is a crucial time for ensuring lush and healthy yard growth in the spring time. Just because your yard is going to spend a few months underneath snow doesn't mean you can just forget about it as chillier temperatures approach. At Alberta Small Engine Services, providers of outdoor power equipment and lawnmowers in Edmonton, we want to make sure that you take the right steps to prepare your lawn for the fall. As summer draws to a close, you should:

1) Reseed your lawn

Summer is tough on a yard. Not only does the strong, scorching summer sun bake your lawn but your grass is also likely to get fairly trampled from all of the summer activity. As the hot days begin to start cooling down, you should start to take some repair measures. Try to repair any patchy areas that have developed, or perhaps even consider reseeding your entire lawn. Adding a layer of compost is also a good idea.

2)Keep mowing

You'll want to keep mowing your grass as fall approaches. As the temperatures get colder you can start cutting your grass shorter so that there is less leaf to brown. Just make sure that you never cut more than a third of the grass blades at once as you will end up damaging your lawn. Don't skimp when it comes to the lawnmower you use on your lawn in Edmonton. Quality STIHL or Toro lawnmowers can help you get the job done quickly and keep your grass looking healthy well into the fall.

3) Keep watering

The end of summer doesn't mean that you should start putting away your hose. Keep watering your yard as fall approaches and continue to water during the fall if the weather and temperature is still allowing your grass and other plants to grow.

4) Do your tree and shrub planting

The end of summer and early fall is a great time to plant any new trees or shrubs that you've been planning to add to your landscaping. Cooler temperatures around the month of September actually make it easier for root systems to grow. Come spring time, your new trees and shrubs should have developed a healthy root system that will allow them to flourish right away.

Make Quick Work of Yard Work in Edmonton with STIHL and Toro Models

Any of the yard work that you have to do in preparation for fall will be much easier with the right equipment. You can find all of the STIHL power equipment and Toro power equipment in Edmonton for your needs at Alberta Small Engine Services. Whether you're looking for lawnmowers, chainsaws, seeders, power rakes, power cutters, or tillers, we carry it all. We also provide equipment repairs and technical support so that none of your tools ever have to be down for the count for long.

For all of your lawn equipment needs, including STIHL and Toro lawnmowers in Edmonton, just contact Alberta Small Engine Services today.