5 Tips on Snowblower Repair in Edmonton & Spruce Grove

Tips on Snowblower Repair in Edmonton & Spruce Grove

As with any machine that uses an internal combustion engine, snowblowers in Edmonton need three basic things to function. Fuel, spark, and air. Take any one of those things out of the equation, and you will likely have a problem.

With winter just around the corner, diligent maintenance helps you avoid some problems, but you should become acquainted with some small snowblower repairs in Edmonton. Remember, before attempting any repairs, consult your owner’s manual first.

Here are few simple reasons that may explain why a snowblower won’t start:

  • Is the key on?
  • Is the spark plug on properly?
  • Is the fuel shutoff valve on?

5 Trouble Shooting Tips for Snowblowers

If the obvious oversights above are not the issue, there could be some other problems that are keeping your snowblower in Edmonton from starting.

1. Choke and Throttle Positions
The throttle should be in the "fast" position. For the choke, the position depends on the engine temperature. It should be open for hot and closed for cold.

2. Dirty Spark Plugs
Check the spark plugs for dirt or debris, and clean them as needed. Ensure the spark plug is fully attached and is fitted tightly. Verify that the spark plug gap is correct. If these solutions don’t fix the problem, the spark plugs may need to be replaced.

3. Fuel and Oil Quality
Over time fuel becomes unusable. If your snowblower has been sitting with old fuel over the off-season, discard and replace it with new high-quality fuel. Your snowblower also needs to have its oil checked and changed regularly. Fuel filters need occasional replacing, and a stabilizer should be added to the fuel to keep it functional all season long.

4. Carburetor Malfunction
Is the engine receiving fuel? If not, the carburetor sediment cup could be clogged. When left sitting with untreated gas over the spring, summer and fall, the snowblower can develop gummy deposits in the carburetor. Cleaning sediment out of a carburetor is a complex procedure that is best performed by a qualified technician. To avoid this problem in the future, add stabilizer to the gas tank before storing it for the off-season.

5. Check for Debris
Ice, snow, and debris can get stuck in your snowblower and prevent it from working properly. To remove something lodged in the snow chute, use a long-handled tool. Never use your hands!

Not yet ready to tackle a snow blower repair job?

Alberta Small Engine Services in Edmonton has a team of professionals that can repair anything you’re not ready for or do not have the time to fix yourself. For more information on small engine repairs or maintenance, contact us today!