10 Tips For Outdoor Spring Clean-Up in Edmonton With Toro or STIHL

10 Tips for Outdoor Spring Clean-Up With Toro or STIHL

Many people use spring cleaning as an opportunity to tidy up and refresh the interior of their home. This time of year is also a great opportunity to clean up the outside of your Edmonton home with Toro, STIHL, and other respected brand name power equipment.

10 Useful Tips

The outdoor power equipment experts at Alberta Small Engine have put together these 10 useful tips for a successful outdoor spring clean-up:

1. Rake the Yard

Raking the yard is a good way to get rid of accumulated dead grasses, known as thatch. If the thatch layer has grown particularly thick, then you may want to consider using a power rake to remove it.

2. Mow the Lawn with Toro or STIHL

Start mowing early and continue mowing your lawn with Toro equipment or STIHL equipment often enough so that you are removing, at most, one-third of the grass blades every time. This places less stress on the grass and helps it remain healthy.

3. Trim the Grass in Hard-To-Reach Places

There are some areas on your lawn where a Toro or STIHL lawnmower in Edmonton simply can't get to, but that a grass trimmer can reach with ease, allowing you to keep your entire lawn tidy-looking.

4. Prune Back Hedges

If you've got hedges on your property, then spring is the time to prune back areas which have started to look overgrown. A good quality pair of hedge trimmers will prove immensely helpful for the job.

5. Trim Damaged or Overgrown Tree Limbs

Next it will be time to turn your attention to sawing away overgrown or damaged tree limbs. Not only are these limbs and eyesore, but they can cause injury or property damage if they snap off unexpectedly.

6. Use a Blower for Cleanup

All of the yard work above is bound to leave some leaves, lawn clippings, and other debris on your lawn. A blower is a great tool for tidying up after other tasks are done, and is much faster than sweeping or hosing.

7. Aerate Your Lawn

Soil compaction can prevent grass from growing and lead to the takeover of hardy weeds. Aerating is a fantastic way of loosening up the soil and making it easier for grass to take root.

8. Till The Soil To Prepare For Planting

Have a small home garden that you plan to be tending to over the warm months? Help it start off right by creating soft, fertile ground with a power tiller that can be set to till at the right depth.

9. Start Seeding

Garden seeders are not only easy to use, but they ensure that you are planting seeds at the right depth and at proper distances from one another. You'll be glad you used one as your garden grows and blossoms.

10. Make sure that you have all the right tools for the job

Your Garden Equipment Experts

Utilizing the right tools for the job can make your outdoor spring clean-up much faster, more effective, and more enjoyable. Alberta Small Engine carries all of the outdoor power equipment you could need, and is a supplier of Toro and STIHL brands in Edmonton.

Stop by our location in NW Edmonton, or give us a call if you have any questions about the tools and equipment that can help make your spring clean-up easier.