5 Snowblower Tips to Make Battling Winters Easier

5 Snowblower Tips to Make Battling Winters Easier

In Edmonton, snowblowers are a winter property maintenance must-have. There's just no easier way to clear large amounts of snow from your property in as quick or as convenient of a manner. At Alberta Small Engine Services, we carry snowblowers in Edmonton for all of your needs. Our power tool experts are also happy to provide you with some handy tips on how to clear snow efficiently and on how to maintain your snowblower throughout the season.

1) Get your snowblower tuned up in the fall

To make it successfully through winter in Edmonton, snowblowers need a good fall tune-up. A snowblower repair professional can perform important maintenance tasks such as changing the oil, checking and changing the belts if needed, and installing a new spark plug. They'll perform any necessary repairs so that your snowblower doesn't break down on you in the middle of a job.

2) Prepare your property ahead of time

Before the first real snowfall, take the time to get your property ready for snowblowing. Inspect the ground and remove any garden hoses, extension cords, and large rocks that might get in the way. It's always a good idea to stake out the shape of the driveway and any walkways so that you know where exactly the snow needs to be cleared.

3) Don't wait until it stops snowing

One of the most useful tips for using snowblowers in Edmonton is not to wait until all of the snow has stopped falling, especially if a big snowfall is expected. Start clearing before the snow piles up over 15 cm so that your snowblower doesn't have to work too hard to throw it far.

4) Plan ahead and take your time

Before you even begin snowblowing, it can be highly beneficial to make a plan of attack. Think about the best pattern to take and how far you need to throw the snow. Most importantly, remember to take your time. Going too fast and scooping too much snow at once can clog your snow blower or break a drive belt.

5) Work with the wind

Finally, you'll want to use the direction that the wind is blowing to your advantage. Working with the wind will help you throw snow further while fighting against the wind will send snow blowing into your face or back into parts of the driveway that have already been cleared.

Snowblower Sales and Repairs in Edmonton

You can't clear snow if your snowblower isn't working properly. At Alberta Small Engine Services we not only sell quality snowblowers in Edmonton but we also provide expert tune-ups and snowblower repair services for just about every make and model, including brands such as Toro, Honda, Poulan, Areins, Snapper, Sears, and more. Our industry-trained technicians are committed to repairing your snowblower right the first time so that you can get back to work.

It always pays to be prepared for the snow with quality snowblowers in Edmonton. For all of your snowblower sales and service needs, just contact Alberta Small Engine Services today.