How to Maintain and Store Your Hedge Trimmer

Tips for storing and maintaining your hedge trimmer

It’s summer and you’re spending time sitting out in the yard enjoying the nice weather. You might notice that it’s been months since you last busted out your hedge trimmer and gave your yard a bit of a shape-up. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of dull or loose blades, here are some maintenance and storage tips.

Wash and lubricate your hedge trimmer regularly

One way to make sure your hedge trimmer remains in good condition is simply to take care of it. Regularly applying lubricant will help it work smoothly and reduce wear. To apply the lubricant, make sure your trimmer is unplugged and turned off before using a cloth to apply a thin coat of machine oil. Then, run the machine for a few seconds to ensure that the blades are thoroughly coated. You might also need to lubricate your trimmer partway through a big job. You should also make sure to clean it after each use, but never use solvents or detergents and don’t spray it with water, which may cause rust or damage the components inside the trimmer.

Keep your hedge trimmer properly stored all year

It’s important that you store your hedge trimmer indoors, both over the winter and during the summer. You’ll want to make sure you keep it in a place that’s secure and out of reach of children. When storing the trimmer for the winter, it’s a good idea to have it serviced by professionals first. The trimmer should be thoroughly cleaned, and rust should be removed from the blades.

Watch for signs that your hedge trimmer requires professional maintenance

If you notice branches getting stuck in the machine or that your trimmer is no longer cutting evenly, it may be time to have it serviced. One common problem is twigs and branches getting caught between the blades, preventing them from moving properly. This happens when the upper and lower blades become detached because the spacers have worn down. While it’s an easy fix, it’s one best left to professionals.

Uneven cuts and frayed edges usually indicate dull blades. Trimmer blades are made of high quality titanium coated steel, and they usually stay sharp unless they hit a hard object. They’re sharpened to a specific angle, which makes home sharpening difficult, so it’s usually a good idea to get the help of professionals. Mishandling them can lead to further damage.

Finding the right dealer

If you need to have your hedge trimmer serviced because you notice its performance dropping, visit us at Alberta Small Engine Services. With our experienced team and the widest selection of outdoor power equipment like STIHL products in Edmonton, we’ve got you covered. Drop by or call us today.