2017 Yamaha EDL7000SDE


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The EDL7000SDE is a compact and lightweight diesel powered unit designed primarily for commercial applications such as construction, agriculture and business uses. However its compact size and reduced noise levels means the EDL7000SDE can also be used for emergency power backup and off grid applications too.

Convenience & safety: Automatic engine shut-down system for low oil pressure and excessive coolant temperature, dedicated terminal for ATS switches, double circuit breakers and a convenient maintenance hatch makes the EDL7000SDE a great choice when looking for a strong, reliable power supply with lower running costs and easier maintenance.

  • Powered by Z482 vertical type diesel engine; 479cc, liquid-cooled (rad with cooling fan), twin cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with electronic ignition. Max power is 8.1 kW or 10.9 hp.
  • Compact and lightweight design... smallest and lightest in its class
  • Key operated electric starting
  • Dual 120 & 240 volt output
  • Rated AC output for continuous use is 6.5 kVA (6,500 watts) / 54.2 amps @ 120 volts & 27.1 amps @ 240 volts
  • Generator unit is directly connected to the engine eliminating the need for reduction gears.
  • Neutral bonded to frame
  • External ground terminal
  • Run time at rated load is 10 hours
  • Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit receptacle for added safety
  • Cooling fan is driven off the crankshaft for reduced wind noise
  • High capacity radiator
  • Liquid-cooling maintains consistent performance and reduces mechanical engine noise.
  • Large capacity muffler helps to reduce exhaust noise.
  • 100 hour oil change cycle
  • Convenient user-friendly control panel
  • Large opening maintenance hatch for easy access to oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, battery etc.
  • Dedicated terminals for easy connection to Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Main breaker system protects against large amounts of excess current
  • Separate sub-circuit breaker for GFIC receptacle protects against small amounts of excess current
  • Warning lights for low battery, low oil pressure and coolant temperature
  • Glow plug timer indicator light
  • Automatic engine shutdown system in the event of low oil pressure or engine over heating
  • Large size, washable, "no tools required" dual stage air filter
  • Convenient exterior drain plugs for both oil and coolant
  • 28 litre fuel tank for extended run times
  • Large fuel filler hole and fuel gauge
  • Hour meter
  • Volt meter
  • Heavy duty lifting hook and fork lift slots
  • Low emission EPA Tier 2 compliant
  • CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association)
  • 3-year warranty for "residential / home" use or "commercial use."
  • Type: Brushless, Syncronous, AC generator
  • Maximum AC Output (watts / amperes): 7 kV / (7,000 W)
  • Rated AC Output (watts / amperes) - Continuous Use: 6.5 kV (6,500 W) / 54.2 A @ 120 V & 27.1 A @ 240 V
  • AC Voltage & Frequency (HZ): 120 & 240 V / 60 HZ
  • Neutral: Bonded to frame
  • AC Receptacle*: L5 30 (30A - 125V) x 2 / L6 30 (30A - 250V) / 5 - 20R (GFCI)
  • Model: Z482; 479cc, liquid-cooled (with rad & cooling fan), twin cylinder, 2-valve, 4-stroke diesel
  • Rated Output Engine / Engine RPM: 8.1 KW (10.9 HP) / 3,600 RPM
  • Starting System / Ignition System: Electric starting / Electronic ignition
  • Recommended Fuel: Ultra Low Sulfur, Diesel fuel No.2-D (above -10C) / Diesel fuel No.1-D (below -10C)
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.2L
  • L x W x H mm (in): 1066 x 618 x 698 (42 x24.3 x 27.5")
  • Dry Weight: 235kg (518 lb)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 28
  • Operating Hours (@ rated load): 10 hrs
  • Noise Level (@ 7 metres): 66.5 dB
Technical Features
  • Non-Fuse Circuit Breaker System (NFB): Standard
  • Sub Circuit Breaker For Each Receptacle: Standard
  • Dual 120 & 240 Voltage: Standard
  • Dedicated Terminal For ATS Switches: Standard
  • Pilot Lamp (AC output): Standard
  • Oil Pressure Warning System (Engine Shut Down): Standard
  • Coolant Temperature Warning System (Engine Shutdown): Standard
  • GFCI Protected Receptacle: (1) Standard
  • Hour Meter: Standard
  • Fuel Level Gauge: Standard
  • Volt Meter: Standard
  • Private Use: 3-years limited
  • Commercial Use: 3-years limited
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Engine Type
Z482; liquid-cooled (with rad & cooling fan), twin cylinder, 2-valve, 4-stroke diesel
10.9 hp
479 cc


1066 mm (42 in.)
618 mm (24.3 in.)
698 mm (27.5 in.)
235 kg (518 lb.)


AC Output
Maximum: 7000 W; Rated: 6500 W
Fuel Tank Capacity
28 L
Noise Level
66.5 dB
Run Time
10 hrs.