How the iMow from STIHL Can Help Prevent Common Mowing Mistakes

How the iMow from STIHL Can Help Prevent Common Mowing Mistakes

Keeping your lawn looking its best all season long requires patience, persistence and the right equipment to get the job done. At Alberta Small Engine Services, we’d like to let all our customers know about one of the latest innovations that can make mowing your lawn easy. The iMow from STIHL in Edmonton is a new kind of automated lawn mower. Rather than having to personally push a mower around the yard once a week, the iMow can be programmed to make the circuit of your yard all on its own. Here are just five of the most common grass cutting mistakes that the iMow can make a thing of the past:

1. Cutting your grass in the same pattern every time
If a machine is constantly going along the exact same route when it cuts the grass, it means that the ground in certain areas will be compacted more than in others. That can damage some of your grass’s growth and even lead to changes in its roots. The iMow, however, can be programmed to vary its route, making the pressure on your soil even.

2. Removing the grass clippings from the lawn
Most people wait as long as they can to mow the lawn. Then when they do, they either have large bags of clippings to get rid of or just leave large piles of cut grass in unsightly piles. However, the grass you’ve cut is a valuable resource. As it decomposes in your yard, it reintroduces nutrients that can help your remaining grass grow. With the iMow, you don’t have to personally cut the grass so you can set your machine to cut it more frequently than you would be able to, so it won’t create visible piles of clippings.

3. Cutting with blunt blades
Blunt blades damage the grass that they cut, sometimes leaving the tips a yellowish colour or with ragged edges. The blades used by the STIHL iMow, however, shouldn’t be sharpened at home since their precise balance is essential for proper operation. Rather, you can simply drop by our Edmonton location to pick up replacement blades when you notice they need changing.

4. Cutting your grass too short
Cutting your grass too short can impede healthy growth. It’s typically recommended you only cut the top third of your grass in any given mowing. Luckily, the iMow can be set to different heights, ranging from about two to six centimetres.

5. Focusing your attention only on grass length
It’s important to cut your grass regularly but it’s not the only thing you should be worrying about. How much water your grass is getting, what kind of shade it needs, and other issues concerning soil health are also important. With the time you save cutting the grass using the iMow, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your lawn’s health.

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If you’re interested in saving time, and improving the health and beauty of your yard with an iMow from STIHL in Edmonton, contact us at Alberta Small Engine Services. As one of the only retailers of the iMow in Canada, our lawn care experts can help you find the lawn mowing solution that’s right for you!