You Enjoy, iMow

Life is short, and with iMow you can now take advantage of your precious time to enjoy the beautiful things while your lawn is maintained for you. The STIHL iMow takes care of your lawn according to the desired mowing plan you choose to properly manicure your landscape. Once the iMow has completed its task, it automatically returns to its docking station to charge and power up. Gone are the days for mid-day drives for fuel to complete cutting your lawn instead of relishing in the beauty of the Summer months. This season, see the benefits of the iMow Robotic Mower and be ready for more time to spend enjoying life!

“iMow doesn’t just mow the lawn; it has a fully automated mowing plan tailored to your yard and schedule. It’s fast and easy to use for a great looking lawn.”

You Benefit, iMow

The STIHL iMow is a mulching mower that operates to finely shred grass clippings, used to help effectively fertilize your lawn. There is no need to dispose of grass clipping, as this mulching system provides essential sustenance to keep your lawn lush and healthy. STIHL recommends a regular scheduled mowing plan to help reduce the amount of stress on your lawn that once-a-week scheduling presents.

The iMow operates several times a week to give your lawn that freshly cut look each and everyday. Now, your lawn will always be manicured and cared for, giving you more time to enjoy your space. The programmer is adjusted so the iMow plan is set to ensure an even cut each time. All you need to do is set the cutting height on the adjuster; let the iMow do the rest.

You Discover, iMow

The iMow is highly intelligent, and reacts to the changing weather conditions in your climate. The Active Time communicates to the iMow whether or not to run. During those rainy days, the iMow stays docked and catches up later on in the week.

If your terrain is hilly in nature, the iMow adjusts its pace by using its tilt sensors and adaptive slop speed. The iMow can effectively operate at slopes up to 24° with the RMI632P model. When it comes to charging, if the iMow has to cover a larger area, it can efficiently recharge at a quicker pace to get the job done. An overnight charge is maintained at a steady pace to extend the battery life.

Noise is of little concern with the iMow, your neighbors will hardly notice it operating. Since the mower is so quiet, you can program the iMow to run through the night so you can wake up recharged with a freshly cut lawn. The lithium-ion battery emits no exhaust and the mower kicks up no dust or dirt during task. This makes the iMow safe, helping to enhance allergy relief and eliminate harmful emissions. The iMow automatically returns to its docking station once its run is complete to recharge and is powered by an outdoor wall outlet.

The variety of sensors makes this robotic mower safe, with an automatic shut off if the unit is lifted or tipped over. Additionally, a user PIN is established and set and cannot be changed to reduce the likelihood of theft. Without this specific PIN, the iMow will not operate and can only be accessed upon entering it in the iMow menu.

The RMI 422 P: Fast and maneuverable for small lawns up to 1/4 acre.
The RMI 422 P iMow robotic lawn mower is perfectly at home on small lawns, around pools and even yards with steep slopes or a lot of corners. It can mow lawns of up to a quarter acre in just a few hours. The RMI 422 P is particularly maneuverable and will cover every last corner of your lawn, thanks to its compact dimensions and 7.8-inch cutting width.


RMI422P Base Price- $1599.00
Additional Cost for Installation- refer to iMow Installation below.

The RMI 632 P: High performance for large lawns up to 1 acre.
The RMI 632 P iMow robotic lawn mower can handle large lawns of up to one acre with ease. With its powerful battery and 11-inch cutting width, the RMI 632 P can mow up to 150 minutes per charge. The removable control panel of the RMI 632 P offers easy and comfortable programming, without having to bend down to reach the controls. The RMI 632 P can be programmed from the control panel when it is removed.


RMI632P Base Price- $2499.00
Additional Cost for Installation- refer to iMow Installation below.

iMow Installation

For installation, put your trust in the comprehensive experience and expertise of our Alberta Small Engine Technicians, who will offer not just personal advice, but also a professional installation service- including maintenance, repair, spare parts and service.

How to Get Started:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet our Alberta Small Engine iMow Specialist to create a layout plan of the area to be mowed based on your instruction.
  2. Your Alberta Small Engine iMow Specialist will meet with you at your home to better develop an automated mowing plan.
  3. We will then send you an Estimate within two business days of your at home appointment.
  4. Once estimate approval is provided, we will schedule an appointment for an installation date.
  5. On decided installation date, our iMow Technician will arrive to install your new iMow Robotic Mower package. This includes laying the perimeter wire as well as programming the desired mowing plan.
  6. Alberta Small Engine will then carry out any other adjustments needed after programming is complete.
  7. Then, it’s time to relax and enjoy your beautifully manicured lawn. You relax, iMow!

Base Installation Price:
Basic 1/4 Acre Property using Model RMI422P- Installation Price: $499.00
1 Acre Property using Model RMI632P- Installation Price: $799.00
Additional costs may apply based on yard layout or custom mowing area access.

Service Packages