Avoid Landscaping Mistakes with Toro & STIHL

Equip Yourself with Toro & STIHL in Edmonton to Avoid Common Landscaping Mistakes

You don't have to be a landscaping pro in order to create a beautiful landscaping design that increases the curb appeal of your home. You do, however, need to make sure that you steer clear of some common landscaping mistakes that could leave your lawn looking a little worse for wear. At Alberta Small Engine Services, we provide equipment for Toro and STIHL in Edmonton to homeowners who want to take a DIY approach to enhancing their property. Here are four mistakes that we warn homeowners to avoid:

1) Cutting your grass too short
Mowing the grass might seem like a simple task, but it is possible to mess up and cut your grass far too short. Cutting your grass so low that you expose the stems is known as scalping, and it's a big no-no. Without a blade, grass cannot photosynthesize and develop a healthy root system. Scalping will also make your lawn more susceptible to weeds and pests. Choose a mower from Toro or STIHL in Edmonton to make sure that you always get the correct cut.

2) Buying plants before researching them
While it's important to choose plants based on their appearance so that they fit well with your landscaping, you also need to make sure that the plants you choose can thrive in the location you have picked out for them. Think about how much sun, water, and space every plant you buy is going to need.

3) Failing to plan for the future
Another reason why you need to carefully research plants before you buy them is that you need to be able to accommodate a plant's mature size. Otherwise, you may find that the plant quickly outgrows the space you have allotted for it and begins to block windows or to cast shade on other plants. A large and unruly plant will also require a lot more maintenance. If you don't plan ahead, then you may end up having to just give in and remove the plant later on.

4) Not using the right equipment
You can't expect your landscaping to reach its full potential if you're not willing to invest in the correct equipment. Buying the proper outdoor equipment from STIHL and Toro in Edmonton will make it much easier to perform all of your yard and landscaping work. With the right power equipment, you'll be able to mow, prune, seed, rake, aerate, and plant like a professional.

Find STIHL and Toro Equipment in Edmonton at Alberta Small Engine Services

For all of your outdoor power equipment needs, look no further than Alberta Small Engine Services. We carry a variety of tools that you can use to greatly enhance your landscaping while at the same time cutting down on the time and effort you need to devote to it. Our models for STIHL and Toro in Edmonton are perfect for keeping your lawn healthy and your trees and shrubs pruned.

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